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Daily Care and Maintenance of Linear Modules

With the rapid development of science and technology, the industrial manufacturing of transmission has been far from satisfying the existing demand, making more enterprises adopt automatic production. After 24 hours operation, we all know that the machine moves for a long time, the motor is easy to overheat, and the machine will get hot. It is the same as playing mobile phones for a long time, so how to deal with it?

It is understood that the vast majority of manufacturers are using manipulator operation, like automatic dispensing, gluing, locking screw machine, SMT machine industry, basic are, especially like Foxconn this kind of large enterprises, the daily workload is amazing. How to ensure the normal operation of the machine? Listen to the engineer's analysis, how to deal with the daily maintenance of linear module, don't understand the hurry to see it!

How to carry out daily care and maintenance of linear module?

The two most important parts of linear module are guide rail and screw. The steel balls inside will be worn out after long-term movement, so we need regular care. In the linear guide rail, the slider part is reserved for the grease nozzle, which is convenient for us to increase the smooth grease daily, through pinhole injection, and then slide back and forth to ensure the smooth inside of the steel ball; And the ball screw in the removal of the upper cover, with a common care of the toothbrush, stained with smooth grease evenly modify between the screw, to modify back and forth, appropriate rotation back and forth, to ensure that the inside ball fully absorbed. The above two points are the daily care and maintenance of important components to ensure smooth operation.

After the above brief explanation, the daily care and maintenance of the linear module is still very important, which directly affects the operation of the whole system. Therefore, it is suggested that the machine should have a proper rest when running for more than 72 hours. The motor will not stand the high power. We have encountered any problems in practice, you can call our contact at any time!