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Comparison of Different Brands of Guide Rails in Linear Module Components

With the development of industrial high and new technology, automated production is also a floor, the traditional artificial way has been gradually screened, more and more enterprises choose robot operation, high role, to achieve 24 hours uninterrupted. We all know about robots, but what are they made of? Today, let's explain the components in between. The manipulator is also known as the straight module. The different brands of guide rails inside will produce what changes?

The difference between different brands of guide rails in linear module components

Linear module I believe we are not unfamiliar, used in printing and packaging, assembly line, automation and other equipment environment, the inside is mainly composed of guide rail, screw, coupling and other components, according to the customer's application environment, noise decibels, we will use different guide rail, improve the smoothness, reduce noise. Take THK guide as an example, the most expensive price, low noise, quality is relatively guaranteed in the industry, the leader of Japanese brands. In widespread cases, CSK linear guide rail, strong interchangeability, high smoothness, high dustproof, with automatic allocationability, to meet daily needs, equality is also a Taiwan brand, all aspects of industry recognition is still good.

After the explanation of the linear module components, whether the guide rail is still the screw can be selected according to customer requirements, the better the performance, the higher the quality, the smaller the noise, the higher the cost of the module, the first to see customer requirements, the basic realization of customization. In the actual use of the process of what is not clear, you can contact our company at any time to communicate.