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Selection of Lubricating Oil and Viscosity for Linear Slide Rails

Correct smooth condition is very important to the service life of straight slide. Improper selection of smooth oil will lead to poor smooth or not smooth operation; Insufficient amount of smooth oil/fat will lead to increased wear and fever; Excessive smooth, but also lead to aggravation of hair.

Selection of lubricating oil and viscosity of linear slide rails

Therefore, it is necessary to select the right number of smoothing agent according to the work needs and the characteristics of the slide track itself, and increase the appropriate dose of smoothing, so as to improve the friction characteristics of the guide pair, which is of great help to improve the life of the product.

Selection of smooth oil viscosity grade: when the general load is small and the speed is low, select a small brand of smooth oil. On the contrary, the slide load is large, the running speed is fast, and the larger brand of smooth oil is selected.

Because the guideways for fine parts, so it must pay special attention to when using linear guide, even higher linear guide function, problems in use of words, don't reach the expected effect and function, and very short lead to severe damage, linear guide then use linear guide what are the considerations in detail?

First of all, rust. If you directly use your hand to take linear guide rail, you must clean the sweat on your hand, and apply mineral oil, especially in summer and dry season to prevent the phenomenon of rust on linear guide rail.

The second is the use of the environment, to ensure the use of the environment around the linear guide, because once the fine dust into the linear guide, will constitute a linear guide severe wear, resulting in noise and oscillation.

Once again, the equipment should be careful and careful, the linear guide rail equipment should not only be careful but also careful, do not be able to carry out strong stamping, can not use a hammer to hit it, can not use the tumbling body to carry out pressure transfer.

The equipment of things, when the equipment is linear guide things, we must choose the right and suitable special things to prevent the selection of fiber and cloth and other things.