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Factors Affecting Track Accuracy of Linear Guide

The primary factors affecting the orbit accuracy are as follows:

1. Guide stiffness: The stress on the guide will lead to contact deformation, local deformation and its own deformation. Contact deformation is caused by micro-inhomogeneity of guide surface. Local deformation usually occurs where stresses converge; Guide rail deformation is the guide rail by external load, all deformation, and guide rail material, placement.

2. Straightness of guide rail: directly affects the parallelism and verticality between the appearance of guide rail.

The main factors affecting the track accuracy of linear guide

3. The structure type of guide rail: directly affects the positioning accuracy of machine tools, repeat positioning accuracy and other precision indicators.

4 guide surface roughness: mainly depends on the guide material, hardness and process.

This is also a method of oil storage, but there is a quantity limitation. Basically speaking, in fact, it is also a method of oil storage, and it is basically to rely on the oil injection hole to supply the method of regular refueling. Only this kind of guide rail has its own storage function, which can store the oil well and facilitate the convenience of daily use. Unnecessary in the daily use of time, continuous refueling, adding to the heavy operation and mechanical instability

Oiling generally, this kind of guide rail will choose sealed type, and the first one will retain an oil filling hole, so as to facilitate the oiling together, but also to ensure that the lubrication of the oiling together will not present the condition of oil leakage. This built-in oiling method is a method that most guide rails will choose.