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LMK Series Single Axis Linear Modules

The LMK series single axis linear modules are a series of versatile products driven by a motor, integrating ball screws and U-shaped tracks. The single axis linear motion provides high positioning accuracy and features quick selection, fast installation, compact size, and high rigidity.

  • Small size and lightweight

  • High rigidity

  • Optimized design

  • Easy design and installation

  • High precision

  • Fully equipped.

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  • LMK Series Single-Axis Robot
  • LMK Series Single-Axis Robot

Single Axis Linear Modules, Motion, and Actuators

Single axis linear modules, single axis linear motion, and single axis linear actuators are interconnected components essential for achieving precise movement along a single linear axis. Single axis linear motion describes the straightforward movement that these systems aim to accomplish. The single axis linear actuator is the device that converts energy into this specific motion, acting as the driving force behind the system. Single axis linear modules package the actuator with other necessary elements like guide rails into a ready-to-use unit, simplifying the implementation of single axis linear motion in various applications. Together, these components form a cohesive system designed to facilitate controlled and accurate linear movement.

Specification Of LMK Series Single Axis Linear Modules


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