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Standard Linear Actuator Motion Roller Bearing Guides-LMR Series

Category: Linear Roller Guideway (LM Guideways)

The LMR series roller-bearing linear guide from CSK linear guide manufacturer adopts a cylindrical roller-type rolling element to replace the traditional steel ball rolling element. The change from point contact to line contact significantly enhances its load-carrying capacity. When bearing high loads, the cylindrical roller rolling element exhibits minimal elastic deformation. The four rows of cylindrical rollers utilize a 45° contact angle DB design, resulting in high rigidity and load-bearing capabilities. 

Additionally, linear roller bearings can withstand equal loads in radial, reverse radial, and lateral directions. Moreover, it incorporates a specially designed cylindrical roller synchronizer that eliminates the gear effect caused by mutual friction during rolling. This greatly reduces walking resistance, enhances smooth operation, and effectively reduces noise levels. After years of verification, the China linear roller guideways plant produces the preloading setting and achieves a perfect balance between walking resistance, rigidity, and service life. The linear roller guide fully meets the high precision, high load-carrying capacity, high reliability, low noise, and smooth and stable linear motion requirements of high-end precision equipment Designed for linear guide consumers.

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  • Standard Linear Actuator Motion Roller Bearing Guides-LMR Series
  • Standard Linear Actuator Motion Roller Bearing Guides-LMR Series

Characteristics of Standard Roller Bearing Linear Guides-LMR Series

-Ultra-high rigidity, super-heavy load-carrying capacity

-Interchangeable linear roller-bearing slider

-DB design for equal loads in four directions

-Comprehensive lubrication design

-Highly precise selectable grades: H, P, SP, UP

-Fully sealed and available in various configurations

-Smooth walking performance

-Dust-proof steel belt design for the linear roller bearing slide rail

-High-speed, low-noise operation

-Linear roller bearing manufacturers follow international standards to produce, including dimensions and performance parameters

Applications of Roller Standard Bearing Guides Rails-LMR Series

- Machine tools that require standard linear roller guide bearings(machining centers, large gantry, precision lathes, etc.)

- Industrial automation (heavy-duty gantry robots, cantilever Cartesian robots, robot tracks)

Drawing of Standard Linear Track Roller Systems-LMR Series

Roller Standard Bearing Guides-LMR Series

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