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Automation is a market where linear motion products are used in large numbers. You can find CSK linear motion control systems in the smallest most simple machine to the largest and most complex system imaginable. In short, wherever there is a need in a machine to push, pull, lift, tilt, turn or move something CSK has a suitable product. Typical areas include:

  • Robots and manipulators

  • Pressing, cutting and gluing

  • Printing and scanning

  • Packaging, palletizing and dispensing

  • Welding, soldering and drilling

  • Automatic warehouses

  • Measuring and supervision

  • Assembly

Linear Motion Robotics

CSK's linear motion products play a vital role in factory automation, enabling precise and controlled linear motion in various applications. They optimize factory automation systems by offering advantages such as high precision, smooth operation, reliability, and compact design. Here is an all-round interpretation of the application of CSK's linear motion products in factory automation:

1. Robotic Systems:

   - Linear Guides: Linear guides are extensively used in robotic systems to facilitate smooth and accurate linear motion for robot arms, gantries, and other moving components. CSK's linear guides ensure precise positioning, stability, and repeatability, enhancing the overall performance and productivity of robotic systems.

   - Ball Screws: Ball screws convert rotary motion into linear motion and are employed in robot actuators for precise and controlled movement. CSK's ball screws offer high precision, low backlash, and efficient power transmission, contributing to accurate and reliable robotic operations.

2. Material Handling and Conveying:

   - Linear Motion Systems: Linear motion systems, including linear guides, ball screws, and linear actuators, are utilized in material handling and conveying systems. CSK's linear motion products enable smooth and efficient linear motion for conveyors, lifting mechanisms, and transfer systems, optimizing the movement of materials within the factory.

CSK's linear motion systems provide high load capacity, low friction, and precise positioning, ensuring reliable and efficient material handling. They contribute to increased throughput, reduced downtime, and improved overall productivity in factory automation.

3. Assembly and Testing Equipment:

   - Linear Actuators: Linear actuators, such as electric cylinders or linear stages, are used in assembly and testing equipment for precise positioning, pushing, or pressing components during the manufacturing process. CSK's linear actuators offer accurate and controlled linear motion, ensuring precise alignment, reliable testing, and consistent assembly quality.

   - Linear Bearings: Linear bearings are employed in assembly and testing equipment to support and guide the movement of components or testing probes. CSK's linear bearings provide smooth and low-friction linear motion, contributing to the accuracy and repeatability of assembly and testing processes.

4. Packaging and Labeling Machines:

   - Linear Motion Systems: Linear motion systems, including linear guides and ball screw machines, are employed in packaging and labeling machines for precise and controlled linear motion. CSK's linear motion products enable accurate positioning of packaging materials, products, or labeling mechanisms, ensuring precise and efficient packaging processes.

CSK's linear motion systems offer high positioning accuracy, smooth operation, and high-speed capabilities, enhancing the productivity and accuracy of packaging and labeling machines. They contribute to reduced errors, improved packaging quality, and increased production throughput.