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Mini Linear Slide Rail-LMNW Series

Category: Ball Bearing Linear Guide Rail (LM Guideways)

The LMNW series is designed with Gothic arch grooves in two rows, enabling it to bear an equal load in radial, reverse radial, and lateral directions due to its 45° contact angle. The LMNW mini linear motion guide way boasts high rigidity and excellent antirust resistance, thanks to the stainless steel construction of its metal components. With the miniature ball bearing and motorized linear slide's small size and lightweight, it is especially suitable for small automation equipment. Moreover, the manufacture of CSK produces LMNW mini ball bearing linear slide rail that offers interchangeability, high positioning accuracy, and complies with international standards.

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  • Mini Linear Slide Rail-LMNW Series
  • Mini Linear Slide Rail-LMNW Series

Drawing Of Mini Ball Bearing Linear Slide Rail-LMNW SeriesMiniature Linear Guide Rail-LMNW Series

The LMNW Mini Linear Slide Rail Is A Compact Powerful Device With A Multitude Of Features

  • The LMNW mini linear slide rail has a static load capacity of up to 1350 lb, making it robust and reliable. It is available in five sizes, ranging from 7 mm to 20 mm base width, providing flexibility for various applications.

  • The LMNW micro linear guide rail lengths can extend up to 3600 mm, accommodating different operational needs. One of its key features is its self-lubricating nature, reducing maintenance requirements. It has no rolling elements, eliminating the risk of catastrophic failure.

  • The LMNW miniature guide rails operate smoothly, quietly, and repeatably, ensuring consistent performance. It can withstand vibration and shock, enhancing its durability. It comes in two design configurations: Precision and Compensated, catering to specific precision needs.

  • The LMNW miniature linear slide rail is ceramic-coated aluminum, while the carriage is anodized aluminum, ensuring long life and corrosion resistance. Despite its robust features, it has a compact design, making it space-efficient. It offers lead screw and stepper motor options and is interchangeable with comparable ball-style systems, providing versatility in its use.

Applications of The LMNW Mini Linear Slide Rail

Miniature linear guideways are commonly used in machines and instruments requiring precise, low-friction guidance. The mini linear slide rails provide accurate guidance for loads and enable multi-axis movement in medical diagnostic equipment, laboratory automation systems, desktop robotic systems, and other compact devices. These miniature linear slides can be mounted on machines or equipment, allowing movement in horizontal, vertical, or other directions.

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