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Selection of Suitable Linear Motors for Enterprises

With the advent of the industrial Internet era, many manufacturers are transforming, upgrading equipment, reducing labor, and moving towards robots in an all-round way. We all know that different professional selection equipment specifications are not the same, such as the printing profession, like this high standard equipment how to select? Let's listen to our technical engineers explain how to buy a suitable industrial linear motor. If you don't understand, listen to it!

The primary printing profession, what do we think of? All kinds of albums, pictures, pigments are required. And the operation time is relatively long, the speed is not fast, the accuracy requirement is not high, the journey is relatively long, because of the wide range of printing, similar banners, billboards, bus stations are relatively large. Second, this load is not high, the main or high-quality printing, the need to run back and forth. Gantry structure is generally more, multi-directional movement. This environment is not bad, semi-closed basic can be done, horizontal use makes selection more convenient. Therefore, after understanding a series of application methods, environment, let's select the type!

How to select a suitable linear motor for enterprises?

First was given the customer the gantry structure type, then at the bottom of the two must be the most large width, with stress a bit bigger, the selection of the top 150 of the basic can be satisfied, according to the using scope, Y axis stroke two meters, 1.5 meters X axis stroke more habit, this kind of profession, accuracy is not high, choose the magnetic grid satisfied daily needs, easy to deal with, 800mm to 1000mm speed, printing is also desirable. With the pulse driver, set up the relative parameters, a complete set of linear motor deployment. Basically, as long as we can know the customer's load, speed, accuracy, travel, use of the environment, drive pulse or bus, understand about, basically can determine which model to choose for the customer. Is it too brief? You can also share your selection method together!

After the above brief description, we must have a general idea of how to select the linear electric motor. Of course, this is only a small part. In the actual operation selection, there will still be many non-standard problems.