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Notes and Maintenance in the Application Process of Linear Guide

Linear guide can be divided into: linear roller guideways, cylindrical linear guide, and recirculating ball linear guide, three kinds, is used to support and guide the moving parts, according to the given direction to do reciprocating linear movement. According to the conflict nature, linear motion guide can be divided into sliding conflict guide, rolling conflict guide, elastic conflict guide, fluid conflict guide and other varieties.

Linear guide is due to fine parts, so when using it, it is required to have a fairly stable attitude. Even if the linear guide with high function is used, if it is used improperly, it can not achieve the expected function, and it is easy to damage the linear guide. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to when using linear guide:

Notes and maintenance in the application process of linear guide

To Prevent Corrosion

When directly taking the linear guide rail by hand, it is necessary to fully wash the sweat from hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before operation. In the rainy season and summer, special attention should be paid to rust prevention.

Adhere to A Clean Environment

Adhere to the cleaning of linear guide and its surrounding environment even if the tiny dust invisible to the naked eye enters the guide, it will add the wear, oscillation and noise of the guide.

Be Careful with The Installation

Linear guide in the use of the device to be careful, do not allow strong stamping, do not allow direct hammering guide rail, do not allow the transfer of pressure through the rolling body.

Set Things Up Properly

Linear guide using suitable, accurate device things try to use special things, to prevent the use of cloth and short fiber and so on.

Smooth oil linear guide rail due to fine transmission, must be smooth. If used in non-smooth state, rolling must have a proper smoothing method. And because the rolling linear guide needs less oil and long oil filling cycle (oil filling cycle is generally more than 100km walking distance), there is no problem of guide heating at the general speed, so there is no need to force oil, generally using smooth oil with high viscosity. Linear guide sometimes have water touch, such as lathe, machining center, often have water will splash on the guide rail, if the water separation function of the guide oil is insufficient will be decomposed by water, oil drops into the cutting fluid, will cause cutting fluid pollution, so the water separation function of the guide is very important. Some of the more rough machinery, the guide rail is larger, the structure is simple, and the guide rail has pit points, its design is to choose smooth fat smooth, mostly choose manual oil gun extrusion method. All grease is required to be EP extreme pressure type, otherwise the residual grease on the guide rail cannot bear heavy load after being extruded.

Linear guide the maintenance and protection of smooth oil smooth maintenance: fat smooth with the sealed type guide rail in advance smooth filling grease sealing methods, and smooth inside the shell filling a moderate amount of fat, every once in a while to make up or replacement of packing for fat method In addition, the smooth mechanical demand for guide in several locations, also choose pipe connection to the smooth place have gathered for lipid method. Grease smooth can be filled with a smooth grease for a long time without making up, and the structure of its sealing device is simple, so it is widely used. Oil smooth is relatively simple and often smooth can greatly improve the service life of the guide rail.

Maintenance purpose: guide rail maintenance purpose is mainly to reduce wear and tear operation. Therefore, it is particularly important to maintain effective smoothness and daily hygiene. The sliding seat and the guide rail are not directly touched, and the ball bearings are closed in the groove between the sliding seat and the guide rail. In the operation of linear guide rail, the ball is rolling in the groove between the sliding seat and the guide rail. The friction of the guide rail is completely the friction of the ball and the sliding seat and the groove of the guide rail. Then the smooth practice of the guide rail is the smoothness between the ball and the groove. The end of the linear guide rail is provided with a grease nozzle, and the grease gun can be used to inject smooth grease into the inner part of the guide rail and the lead screw.