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Application Field of Linear Guide

Linear guide can be divided into: roller linear guide, cylindrical linear guide, ball linear guide, three kinds, is used to support and guide the moving parts, according to the given direction to do reciprocating linear movement. According to the conflict nature, linear motion guide can be divided into sliding conflict guide, rolling conflict guide, elastic conflict guide, fluid conflict guide and other varieties.

The continuous and rapid growth of China's economy provides a huge market space for linear guide products. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of China's power industry, data communication industry, urban rail transit industry, shipping industry, automobile industry and other industries, the application of linear guide is more and more extensive.

Application field of linear guide

Let's analyze the application field of linear guide.

1. Linear guide belongs to fine parts. It is mainly used in automatic machinery, such as imported machine tools, laser welding machines and so on.

2. It is also mainly used in mechanical structures with high fineness requirements. Moving components and fixed components do not use intermediate media, but rolling steel balls. For example, the tool rest of machine tool, drag plate, etc.

Linear guide in the field of transmission has always been a key product, fine and high-speed processing technology development needs, its application is more and more widely. When using linear guide products, we must pay attention to their characteristics, otherwise all their advantages can not be played.

In most cases, fluid smoothness is limited to boundary areas, and direct conflicts caused by metal touch are unavoidable, in which much of the energy is wasted in conflict losses.

In most cases, only fat smooth is enough, which makes the smooth system scheme of the machine tool and the use of protection has become particularly easy to roll the slider and the guide rail of the domestic linear gap or negative gap, so it can greatly advance the overall rigidity and activity accuracy of the guide rail. G slider and guide rail fine together into a whole, rigid, four tendency load, with a large load bearing capacity. Simple protection and maintenance of the innovative design of self-moistening module products combined with the concept of removable, so that the domestic linear guide can extend its protection cycle. The self-moistening module has the characteristics of reducing cost, clean and environmental protection. The device is mobile, easy to disassemble and install and easy to protect. The transparent oil tank scheme can check the oil quantity at any time, and can choose the smooth oil in response. Can be used below circumstance like dust, bad weather and water in special circumstance.

Self-embellishing module can not only increase the convenience of user protection, and its modular solution can let customers directly purchase self-embellishing module kit to settle on the slider, then can reach the effect of smooth parts. The machine scheme is highly efficient because of the rolling steel ball in the linear guide rail produces elastic deformation and accepts the settling surface error so as to lose the guide rail to settle the fundamental flatness request, and lose the machining cost. The linear guide has the characteristics of acceptance after homogenizing the perpendicularity, flatness, crossover and other straightening errors generated during the processing and assembly of the base of the guide. Therefore, the use of domestic linear guide can greatly advance the effectiveness of the machine scheme.

The conflict loss of the rolling surface is also reduced accordingly, so the linear guide systems can be kept in high precision for a long time.