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Precautions for Installation and Use of Linear Guide Rail

Line bearings have the primary effect and value in consumption and use. They can show superior advantages in use, but there will also be certain faults in use. In consumption and characterization, they must be dealt with in a timely manner and perfect to ensure strict results and value in practice.

Linear guide is widely used in industrial production. Linear guide has the following three fundamental effects:

(1) is the motion guidance of the carrier.

(2) For the carrier to provide lubrication movement appearance.

(3) the train movement or machine tool cutting force to the foundation or bed body, reduce the impact of the impact on passengers and forced processing machine.

Precautions for installation and use of linear guide rail

Most of the activities along the guide rail system are linear activities, and a few are arc movements. The focus of this review is the linear guide system. Of course, many skills of linear guide can directly use arc guide.

Why is guide rail called "system" this is because the course of linear motion control systems includes a number of components together, the most fundamental component is a moving component and a fixed component. There are various methods of moving elements, which will be introduced in detail in the future. Fixed elements are usually rail type, which ensures the accuracy of guide rail. If the guide rail twists and turns, moving elements or sliding elements will lose the correct direction.

Linear guide belongs to high precision navigation accessories. When the equipment is used, it should be very focused, otherwise it will cause uneven surrounding and lead to decreased precision and other causes. If the machine needs to convert the guide rail, and the unprofessional workers lead the equipment, the amateur workers may complete the equipment process. What are the obvious problems of the equipment linear guide rail?

Guide rail is broken, or want to improve the machinery of fine processing ability, linear guide can be divided into: roller linear guide, cylindrical linear guide, ball linear guide, three, is used to support and guide the moving parts, according to the given direction to do reciprocating linear movement. Can be completed through the exchange of linear guide, the problem is, how to reach the best result of the equipment it is true, the purchase of linear guide, only do not open the internal structure, in accordance with the copy of the equipment, and then detect the flat level of the four, the root is no problem.