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Understanding Normal Load Performance of Linear Modules

With the closing of Shenzhen Machinery Show in March 2017, China's industrial technology has made great progress. From this exhibition, we can see that the development of ARTIFICIAL intelligence is appropriately fast, such as Sogou robot, Baidu unmanned car and Taobao unmanned supermarket. The future AI market will promote a new round of reform, a new pattern will be opened.

However, we are not lagging behind. At present, the newly developed linear module has been applied in various professions, and its popularity rate is very fast. With more than ten years of experience, it is still appropriately top-notch in after-sales skills. Let's talk about the regular function, interested friends, might as well have a look! Straight line module

Understand the normal load performance of linear modules

Base Value of Flatness And Straightness of Slide Table

Specification for flatness - parallelism between body mounting datum and sliding seat datum is less than ±0.05mm/M

Specification for straightness - Parallelism between slide base datum and external line datum is less than ±0.05mm/M

Flatness test method: flatness, granite platform.

Straightness test method: straightness, granite platform.

Electric slide table profile: slide seat datum, slide seat, slide block, slide rail, body installation datum.

Moment of Inertia Calculation

Under normal circumstances, processing tools and workpiece is not a single shape, it is not easy to calculate, calculation is often decomposed into several single shape inertia, and finally add the inertia.

Length of Load Moment Arm

The length of load arm represents the maximum distance that the slide seat can bear to extend. When the load arm extended from the slide seat on the electric slide table exceeds the allowable value, it will cause abnormal oscillation and setting time addition. Therefore, please be sure to abide by the limit of the length of load arm.

The length of the slide seat determines the length of the load arm. When the load arm exceeds the allowable value, it will cause abnormal oscillation and setting time addition, so please be sure to abide by the limit of the load arm length.

Allowable Load Moment

The allowable load moment refers to the maximum load moment that can be borne by the slide seat based on the walking life of the current slide. The torque of MP, MY and MR borne by the slide rails on the electric slide table of different specifications are different. Beyond the allowable value, the life of the linear slide will be reduced. If it cannot be used within the allowable value, be sure to install an auxiliary linear slide on the outside.

After the above detailed description, I do not know you manufacturers have a clear understanding of our straight module? Of course, only in the process of practice can we know what problems exist in detail, we can call at any time to consult, our technical engineers will be one to one analysis and explanation, welcome to experience, see the object!