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Discussion on Load and Life of Linear Bearing

The linear bearing bears too much impact load when moving and reversing, or when the bearing is stationary, because the elements such as machine oscillation will make the contact form a pit. Outside shot into the bearings, also can be in contact with appearance constitute indentation, the permanent deformation exceeds a certain limit, it will hinder the linear motion stability, cause vibration and noise, vibration will further impact indentation surrounding material, cause a vicious cycle, extend the pit area, the permanent deformation with additional static load limit at all. The static load when the sum of the permanent deformation of the steel ball and the ring contact point is equal to 1/10,000 of the diameter of the steel ball, defined as the fundamental extra static load C0.

When the cnc linear bearings are used, it is difficult to measure the impact force, so appropriate static load safety factor FS is usually selected to ensure that the static load of bearings does not exceed the fundamental extra static load. When selecting the bearing, the static load P0≤C0/FS should be taken from 1.0 to 1.5 when the bearing is not subjected to oscillation and impact, and from 2.0 to 7.0 when the bearing is subjected to oscillation and impact.

Discussion on load and life of linear bearing

Because the linear bearing repeatedly bears the operating load, it first comes out at a certain depth under the surface, and the weak part forms a crack, and then develops to the contact surface, so that the metal city flake falls off. This fall off is called fatigue fall off. In the case of normal device, lubrication and sealing, the damage of the vast majority of bearings is fatigue damage, generally speaking, bearing life refers to the fatigue life of bearings. The additional life of linear bearing is specified as 50,000 meters, which is guaranteed by limiting the fundamental additional dynamic load C meters. Because the basic extra dynamic load of bearings C definition refers to a group of the same bearings running 50 thousand meters under the same conditions, the bearing does not have any fatigue shedding phenomenon can withstand the dynamic load.

After the relevant description of our sisk technical engineers, we believe that we have a certain degree of knowledge of the load and life of linear bearings, and have a deep understanding of the selection and use process. If in the actual operation process, what is not clear, you can contact us at any time.