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Advantages of Linear Guide and Methods to Avoid Friction

Introduction to Linear Guideways

Linear guide rail is one of the standard parts commonly used in automation equipment. The function of linear guide movement is to support and guide moving parts, and do reciprocating linear movement in a given direction. The conflict method of linear guide is rolling conflict, which has the following advantages: small conflict coefficient of guide, high walking accuracy, suitable for high-speed movement, can bear up, down, left and right direction force, good interchangeability, and affordable price, so it can be widely used.

Advantages of Rolling Friction in Linear Actuator Guide Rails

Because linear guide is mainly used to complete precision linear motion, the installation parallelism of linear guide has high requirements. In practical use, two methods are mainly used to ensure: processing sink on the guide rail fixed base plate or processing pin hole with pin side positioning. Often seen in the figure below, the use of two linear actuator guide rails, and slides are processed notch or pin hole positioning.

Advantages of linear guide and methods to avoid friction

Already the slide rail and slider are fixed with notch, it requires the upper and lower plate notch precision is very high, so the notch spacing, width, parallelism and other services are ±2 wire.

In most cases, fluid smoothness is limited to the boundary area, and direct conflict caused by metal contact cannot be prevented. In this conflict, a large amount of energy of linear guide is wasted in conflict loss.

In most cases, only smooth grease is enough, which makes the smooth system scheme of the machine tool and the use of protection has become particularly easy to rotate the slider and the guide rail for micro gap or negative gap, so it can greatly advance the overall rigidity and activity accuracy of the guide rail. It can be used under special conditions such as dust, bad weather and water.

Self-embellishing module can not only increase the convenience of user protection, but also its modular solution can let customers directly purchase a self-embellishing module kit to install on the slider, then can achieve the effect of smooth parts. Machine scheme due to the rotation of the linear guide rail in the steel ball breeding elastic deformation and accepting the surface error and then can lose the guide rail to settle the flatness of the fundamental surface request, lost machining costs.

LM Guideways with Long-Term Precision and Durability

The linear guide has the characteristics of acceptance after averaging the straightening errors such as straightness, flatness, and crossover generated during the processing and assembly of the base of the guide. Therefore, the use of the LM linear guide can greatly advance the effectiveness of the machine scheme. The conflict loss of the rolling surface is also reduced accordingly, so the linear guide system can be in a high precision state for a long time.