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Role of Linear Guide Sliders

The slider is a mold component that can slide perpendicular to the direction of the opening and closing mold or with the direction of the opening and closing mold. When the product structure of the mold in the absence of the slider can not be normal demoulding conditions have to use the slider. The material itself has appropriate hardness, wear resistance, to meet the resistance to movement. The hardness of the cavity part or core part on the slide block shall be the same as that of the other parts of the cavity core.

Linear guide slide block is mainly composed of slide block and guide rail, slide block is mainly applied to sliding resistance guide rail. Linear guide rail, also known as line rail, slide rail, linear guide rail, linear slide rail, used for linear reciprocating movement occasions, and can bear a certain torque, can complete high-precision linear motion under high load. In the mainland called linear guide, Taiwan generally called linear guide, linear slide.

What is the role of linear guide slider

Linear guide rail movement is used to support and guide the moving parts, according to the given direction of the reciprocating linear movement. According to the conflict nature, linear motion guide can be divided into sliding conflict guide, rolling conflict guide, elastic conflict guide, fluid conflict guide and other varieties. Linear bearings are mainly used in automatic machinery, such as machine tools imported from Germany, bending machines, laser welding machines and so on. Of course, linear bearings and linear shafts are matched. For example, linear guide is mainly used in the mechanical structure with high accuracy requirements. There is no central medium between the moving element and the fixed element of linear guide, but the rolling steel ball is used.