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Performance Characteristics and Advantages of Linear Guide

From the traditional workshop workers gradually deduce into the current stage of active flow production, the process has also been greatly improved. When the quality comes up, the orders of manufacturers will naturally increase. It is understood that in the field of CNC machinery, the use of intelligent is more significant. It occupies the position nature of the main body, and uses part of the linear motion guide rail as transmission parts, so its linear guide performance characteristics and advantages, the exchange between the linear guide brands? Let's listen to the analysis of Shaanxi Sinote Precision Technology Co., LTD.

Performance characteristics and advantages of linear guide


Characteristics of Self-Moistening Linear Slide Track

1. built - in lubrication free system

2. high precision, low friction coefficient, low maintenance cost

3. Four-direction equal load planning

4. high moving speed, low noise

5. smooth operation of the new steel ball cycle

6. fully sealed oil seal

7. high rigidity - four rows of beads 45 degree Angle touch

8. Switching planning

9, the standard scale of world norms

10, green environmental protection products

Four Advantages of Self-Moistening Linear Slide Track

1. maintenance-free, low maintenance, no lubrication pipeline system and equipment.

2. Long service life, long-term active maintenance of lubricating oil film on track surface.

3. greatly save lubricating oil cost.

4. easy to keep the machine clean, no waste oil leakage pollution environment.

The Exchange Between Brands

1. Check whether the combination heights are the same

2. Check whether the combined length of the slide seat interferes with other objects

3. Check whether the length of the metal body of the slider is close

4. Check whether the number and distance of holes on the slider are the same

5. Check whether the width of the guide rail is the same

6. Check whether the hole distance of the guide rail is the same

7. check whether the size of the moving hole can use the same fixing screw

8. If the distance between the guide rail and the end is not symmetrical, please specify it when ordering.

Precision Selection

Five kinds of precision for customers to choose: ordinary (N), advanced (H), precision (P), ultra-precision (SP), the most top (UP).

The accuracy of linear guide can be divided into three categories: walking accuracy, combined scale accuracy and mutual errors of height or width. (When several sliders are used on one track, or several shafts are installed on the same plane, the rules of the pairs of height and width of each type are wrong with each other.)