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Functional Design Features of Linear Guides

Linear rail is widely used in industry, so there are those functional changes in the planning, so that it can be beautiful and useful, of course, also consider the cost of manufacturing, precision as a guide rail manufacturer for 20 years, in the production and development of linear guide rail has its own experience and hair

Yan Quan, today to share with us some changes in the use of linear guide from the planning and innovation of functional usefulness,

On the home page, we're talking about the silent strap

1BGX silent sleeve +BGC silent chain strap

Linear guides have those functional design features

The polymer wall tube can greatly reduce the steel ball bump when the sliding seat is running at high speed

Silent casing planning -- international patent

Adhere to the integration of planning - with international patents

General rail metal knock against each other noise is larger

BGX silent sleeve +BGC silent chain plastic tube to reduce collision

Chain belt stick integration planning -- chain belt connection using a steel ball fixed method, can make the overall cycle more smooth!

Greatly reduce noise greatly improve lubrication greatly improve service life greatly reduce rolling resistance

2, explosion-proof bead planning

Four screws fixed will not burst beads

3. Lubrication groove planning

- Active oil storage lubrication

- Non - self - moistening oil cotton planning will not occur dust

- Non-self-moistening oil cotton planning end cover shorten stroke increase

4. Less abrasion can maintain accuracy for a long time

Because the conflict force is very small when the linear guide carriages and slides move, it only needs a small power to make the bed run, especially when the work method of the bed is regular round-trip operation, it can significantly reduce the power loss of the machine. And because the heat of conflict is small, it can be used for high-speed operation.

The four rows of ambition bead planning

Ambition of four row bead planning four direction load

(1) Common rail planning

BGX- Non-chain Type BGC- Chain type drop inventory

Standard and chain planning common rail - easy to upgrade

Universal international standard size of sliding seat for easy replacement

A single program is easy to manage