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Advantages of Linear Guide in the Field of Numerical Control

In cultures in the modern era of emerging, all hard to imagine that there is, according to the nature of the shenzhen machinery exhibition could learn from 2016, in most of the enterprises of intelligent automation equipment are applied to the linear motion components, thus able to see its occupies the main body status in the whole manufacturing, so its exactly what are the advantages? Why do so many enterprises and manufacturers choose it? What are the important properties of this side? Let's listen to the analysis made by dongguan Heathke skill engineers. These ignorant peers can understand it. At the same time, welcome to discuss exchange and learning with Xiaobian oh linear guide!

The advantages of linear guide in the field of numerical control

Through from the above we can learn about the linear guide is in between slide block and the guide rail steel ball that is put in the appropriate promotion between slide block and guide rail sliding friction into rolling form, the static friction force difference is small, the follow-up function is good, the driving signal and mechanical lag time interval is shorter, to improve the response speed of the CNC system and sensitivity. In this way, it can reduce the cost and difficulty of mechanical production of basic parts. Other linear guide rail is dependent on the stability of the control system, the surrounding environment is very large induction, so it is necessary to take useful magnetic isolation and protection measures, cut off the strong magnetic field to avoid unnecessary influence on the rolling guide, and the adsorption function of iron dust.

In this view, there is so much room for improvement of linear motion guide ways. We believe that in the near future, linear guide skills will appear more skilled, production will increase several times, cost will decrease, and the application scale will be more extensive, but it will consider this problem from the perspective of energy saving and green production.