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Comparison between Linear Motors and Ball Screws

Comparison between linear motor and ball screw

Positioning Accuracy

In terms of accuracy, silver transmission mechanism of linear motor has been determined to reduce the problem of interpolation lag. The positioning accuracy, reproducibility accuracy and affirmative accuracy are all higher than "rotary motor + ball screw" after position detection and reaction control, and are easy to achieve.

Repeat Accuracy Comparison

Silver drive mechanism is simple, reduce the problem of interpolation lag, on the contrary, the gap of silver wire is easy to affect, so the linear motor is easier to achieve.

Linear motor and ball screw comparison

Speed Comparison

Due to the effect of centrifugal force, the general servo motor will be subjected to great stress when operating at high speed, so the speed and output power are constrained. Relatively speaking, linear motor does not accept constraints, there is no mechanical loss, so as to improve the transmission speed.

Schedule Comparison

From the perspective of stroke, the stroke of the linear motor depends on the stator and actuator. Theoretically, the linear motor can extend indefinitely. However, servo motor + screw can only reach the length of 4M due to the influence of load, screw diameter, precision grade and other factors.

Simple Protection

Linear motors have few parts, moving machines have no touch, little or no protection. Servo motor screw structure, many parts, often need to protect or replace accessories.

Longevity Comparison

Linear motor: because there is no direct touch between moving parts and fixed parts, the linear electromagnetic motor will not be worn by the high-speed motion of the actuator. Even if it is used for a long time, the motion accuracy will not change, so its life is longer.

Servo motor + screw: Ball screw is worn by transmission parts due to high-speed movement, so it cannot ensure the accuracy in high-speed reciprocating movement, thus affecting the accuracy.

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